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This time, by HOPE (a "non-profit" benevolent organization formed by the ICC). On this thread, HOPE has been promoting some volunteer projects that are really feel-good Vacations for the kiddies through "" Watch HOPE lie!

This HOPE "volunteer project"/vacation is run by FunintheSon.ORG (FITS). You would be able to find the same announcement under through the "Jammin' In Jamaica" link -- but it's now under construction. Hmmm...

FunintheSon.ORG Introduction:
(Relevant sections underlined for clarity)

Welcome to Fun in the Son! Our goal is to help Christians experience the kind of faith building, joy generating, and memory making events that will encourage us in our relationships with each other and with God. All of our events are designed for and organized by members of the International Church of Christ.

However, HOPE's Tom Briscoe denies the connection!

To: "Ground Hogfly"
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 4:43 PM
Subject: Re:

Dear Mr. Fly,

Thank you for your recent inquiry. On behalf of HOPE worldwide, please be advised that there is no affiliation between our organization and

Tom Briscoe

GHS asks for clarification...

From: Groundhogfly
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 6:23 PM
Subject: Re:

Mr. Briscoe,
Thank you for your prompt response. Just so that I'm sure I understand, please answer the following for me:

1. Are you saying that HOPE Worldwide does NOT refer HOPE Worldwide Volunteer Corps participants to this travel agency?
2. Are you aware that this appears to be a not-for-profit organization run by the following?

Phone: 703-748-3105
Douglas Arthur
1201 Old Stable Rd
Mc Lean, VA 22102

3. To whom do you refer your Volunteer Corps participants for travel arrangements?

G. Fly

...and asks and I-centric, the web hosting company (turns out it's affiliated with an ICC member) for clarification as well.

From: Groundhogfly
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 9:08 PM
Subject: Affiliation with HOPE Worldwide

To whom it may concern:

I am researching your company, and wrote to HOPE Worldwide to be sure you were affiliated with them. They have denied it. (See below.)
But when I contacted you web space provider, they informed me that you are affiliated with both HOPE Worldwide, and the ICC.
Would you please comment for the record on whether you are affiliated with HOPE Worldwide, or with the International Churches of Christ?

G. Fly
From: Groundhogfly
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 7:11 AM

You have recently posted a website a It is my understanding that this company is NOT a not-for-profit organization, and therefore, does not merit a .org designation.

If you have proof that is IS an NPO, would you please forward to me the same by Wednesday, May 28? Else I will assume that you have no proof of this, and will report the violation accordingly.

A reply from I-centric -- yes, IS RUN BY ICC !

From: Mike Bristol
To: Groundhogfly
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 7:51 PM
Subject: RE: is a run by a church organization (International Church of Christ) and is affiliated with Hope World Wide (which is also a non-profit).


So what's the story, Al?

From: Groundhogfly
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 8:58 PM
Subject: ICC/HOPE/ Affiliation

Mr. Baird:

I am contacting you, as I believe you to be the spokesman for the ICC. Would you please comment for the record on whether is affiliated with the ICC?

1. From the appearance of this website (, it would appear that it is affiliated with the ICC and/or HOPE Worldwide.
2. HOPE has denied any affiliation with FITS. (See below.)
3. I-Centric Marketing, the company whose server hosts the site, says that FITS is afilliated with BOTH the ICC and HOPE. (See below.)

So I am contacting you on behalf of thousands who are suspicious about this affiliation, for your official comment.

G. Fly

Stay with the news... check out the thread at the URL below. "HOPE Denies Affiliation w/FunInTheSon"

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