Saturday, May 10, 2003

Important Note: Leslie Clemmons is aware of the errors in her letter (see below by Greg Garcia). The letter in its present form was not supposed to be generally distributed. The story continues to unfold, and the question remains: $3 million, supposed to be used for a college fund for ICC members, was used for benefits and compensation. That money was sent somewhere: but where?

I just wanted to clear up a couple of things. Dan and Cinnamon Conner have moved to Atlanta, not Athens. They did receive a severance package of several months and will live off of that until Dan finds a job. They have an apartment they own in Manhattan which they are trying to sell. It was not bought with church money, but with money my mother Kayren gave them to invest in the stock market. They used that money to buy their apartment in Manhattan, which since then has over doubled in value.

My mom will be moving to Atlanta as well once her apartment here sells. She cannot afford to live in NYC anymore due to her financial situation. I wouldn't call her "incredibly wealthy" anymore, though she hopefully will recoup enough with her apt. sale to live in Atlanta reasonably well.

None of them are getting a penny from Athens or Atlanta. Are they running from NY? You bet. Do I agree with this? Not necessarily as I believe that maturity only comes with "facing the music" so to speak. I make sure my kids clean up their messes. It helps them grow up. You can take the analogy from there.

BUT the implications here that they will receive money from Athens is untrue. I don't know about the other people on the list, but I know about them.

Did you see the email from Greg Garcia? He denies that the 3 million was sent to Athens. It was certainly sent somewhere, perhaps divided out among a number of churches?

That still leaves 3 million unaccounted for. Who is getting that? I've heard that SJ wants it to go for compensation packages, but that the original intent of that money was for a college tuition fund for the needy. There's a big fight about this going on right now.

Wonder who will win?

I'm pulling for the needy...

Grace and peace
Elizabeth Alvarez (sister of Cinnamon; daughter of Kayren) "3 MILLION from ACES to ATHENS"

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