Monday, May 06, 2013

Evaluating the International Churches of Christ ten years after the Henry Kriete Letter.

Status of the ICOC, 10 years after Henry Kriete.
Written by X-Ray of the ICC DF forum (which is still active!)

Evaluating the International Churches of Christ ten years after the Henry Kriete Letter.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

It's all fixed! Mike Taliaferro HotNews Editorial

Fascinating editorial from Mike Taliaferro, claiming "it's all fixed!" See article below.

Has a new era begun in the ICOC? Editorial 

The 1980's and 90's were a heady period of growth and expansion for the International Churches of Christ. We exploded into over 100 nations, and planted 500 churches worldwide. As the 90's finished, however, our growth had stopped, our US churches were shrinking, and there were some problems we needed to face.

When the new millennium dawned, our issues became a full blown crisis. We lost 30% of our members, and what followed was a decade of reflection, repentance, and reorganization. As a fellowship we took several big steps. We apologized to each other. We held painful open forums in many congregations. Leadership practices were examined, and we repented where needed. The appropriate people were fired. We abolished worldwide offices of authority. It was a painful yet productive decade, and through the power of God we watched as He righted the ship and healed our wounds.

Today we are a fellowship of churches that loves God's word and is eager to spread his message. We have tossed out the old pride and braggadocio, and (hopefully) replaced it with a humble attitude about ourselves, and toward other Christians outside our churches.

Honestly, I have never been more proud to be a part of the ICOC. We always said that if we got off track, we would examine the Bible, correct our mistakes, and recommit ourselves to the mission. I believe that is exactly what has happened.

So has a new era begun? Only time will tell, but it seems that "the storm is passing over." Indeed, the clean up may be finished as well. Over the last few years, the climate has changed from one of looking backward to looking forward. Instead of correcting old mistakes, we are now focused on scaling new heights. Members around the world are comfortable with the way churches are cooperating. Trust has broken out. People are able to work together in exciting and productive ways.

The World Summit in San Antonio was a benchmark in our collective path. It was a celebration and conference like we have never had before. Not only was it our biggest gathering by far (roughly 17,000 attended), but it was perhaps the most positive and forward looking event in over a decade. HotNews believes we have crested the summit, and are now truly advancing. Yes, we will face new problems in the future. And yes, we will need to be continually vigilant about not repeating past mistakes. But for the first time in recent memory, it appears we are back on the move, eyes forward, with plans and dreams and visions of helping others to know Christ.

In a word, we are leaving the distrust and reflection of the last decade behind, and moving into an era of growth and progress for God. That is what we are sensing and praying for here at HotNews. I for one will be excited to see what God has in store for us in this new and very promising decade. Tell me what you think.

Mike Taliaferro

Friday, April 06, 2012

ICOC roots in Erhard's EST and Human Potential Movement

I participated in the Landmark Forum a few months ago, a seminar that is pseudo-well known. Many of you may have been "invited" to one. Sound familiar? While there I noted both ICOC and Landmark's roots in Erhard's EST, as I was very struck by the similarities. Insights are developed through long, intense large group seminars, as well as small group and individual coaching. Emphases on sharing - in a pyramid scheme model for the organization, yes - but it is the way to move insights from your head into real life. How much it actually does, depends on whether you interpret it as doing what someone told you to do, vs. choosing to take truly deeply felt insights and share them with others in a transformative way- in a way that makes an impact. Again - sound familiar?

More on Erhard's est and the human potential movement (HPM) here:

Let me know what you all think.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Been a while-what is the status of the ICOC (and ICC DF) now?

All I see in the ICC DF are moderator changes and complaints that it's turning into a right-wing discussion forum. Boring. What is going on now?

Since this blog was a compilation of hot threads in the ICC DF, I'm sadly not posting much anymore. Plus having gotten a better life, it's hard to stay motivated.

Help me out here: anyone got anything substantive to post about the current status of the ICOC? Feel free to comment, and/or point us to some ICC DF related discussions, if any (no names, just general topics with enough detail one can search).

Thanks, and sorry this place has been a bit dead for over a year (with occasional commentary). Appreciate anything you, my readers, all have to add. And please, chill out on the uber-religious, rants - this is not the place for it. Thanks, all. And I hope in all sincerity you are finding your path and calling, with or without the ICOC.

Life is awesome for me, more awesome than I'd ever have imagined, after the ICOC.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kip's starting SODM in Boston

Was this not predictable or what.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christian Research Institute article, ICOC in Upheaval

Elegant summary of the demise of the ICOC as we knew it, back then...

ICOC: International Churches of Christ in Upheaval

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Empire City" Church's first service in NYC

40 visitors? = there's a sucker born every minute.

Back in 1994, I attended my first church service of the NYC Church of Christ. I was 19 years and ready to make a change not only in my life, but to change the world as well. That service was actually a performance of Upside Down. Remember that play? People from all over the Northeast and beyond had come to see that show.

I remember checking out my second church service at a hotel near my parent's place just a few states away. There were at least 3 services going on in this hotel, and the one I ended up at had some people who had been on wheelchairs lying in the back, wailing. I learned that I had ended up at some Pentecostal service - not the ICC. Not that I could honestly tell that much of a difference, except for the wailing.

When I finally figured out how to recognize an ICC service, I found they were more like the ones pictured in the link at the Empire ICC city site.

Pretty bland - a conference room, mediocre singers, a young man who thinks more highly of himself than he'd ever admit and a soft pseudo-humble expression on his face when people approach him.

If you look at the front row, you'll see the old master, Kip, with his overgrown mullet. He still thinks he's going to change the world with that humble little service in some random NYC hotel.

All I know is that people keep giving him money.

When will you all ever learn? Took me a while til I finally did. It doesn't matter how cognitively intelligent you are - it's about what grabs your emotions. And he knows how to do it.

When you want to change the world, better watch out for those who want to change - and shortchange - you.

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