Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Unity Plan - Over 70% of original ICOC unites

For those of you who still give crap about all this, Disciples Today reported an updated list, which shows 70% of members from all the churches in the former-ICOCland are now officially a part of pseudo-ICOCland. Except Portland, of course. I love the title of this thread: The List, The List (again)

From Disciples Today:

"Bringing the total to 324, an additional 6 churches are the latest committing to the Plan for United Cooperation. This brings the total to over 70% of the disciples listed in our Church Locator. New to the list are 6 churches from Ghana, Jamaica, South Africa, Quebec and Idaho and Missouri in the US. See the list of committed churches below. Several other churches have announced their agreement in principle with the Unity Proposal but not wishing to commit at this time. Others are still considering it and others have decided not to sign..."

Here's a post that lists the pro-Kipper churches.

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Olivia McKean Marries - Outside the church

Ooooold news, but in case you cared, here's a link to the thread.
She married a tall Finnish guy - got married in Finland and now she's living there... far, far away from Portland. Good for her.

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