Friday, March 16, 2012

Been a while-what is the status of the ICOC (and ICC DF) now?

All I see in the ICC DF are moderator changes and complaints that it's turning into a right-wing discussion forum. Boring. What is going on now?

Since this blog was a compilation of hot threads in the ICC DF, I'm sadly not posting much anymore. Plus having gotten a better life, it's hard to stay motivated.

Help me out here: anyone got anything substantive to post about the current status of the ICOC? Feel free to comment, and/or point us to some ICC DF related discussions, if any (no names, just general topics with enough detail one can search).

Thanks, and sorry this place has been a bit dead for over a year (with occasional commentary). Appreciate anything you, my readers, all have to add. And please, chill out on the uber-religious, rants - this is not the place for it. Thanks, all. And I hope in all sincerity you are finding your path and calling, with or without the ICOC.

Life is awesome for me, more awesome than I'd ever have imagined, after the ICOC.