Thursday, November 29, 2007

Say it Bro!

From my fave 'bro' Pope:

Wow. Another "new" movement? Seriously, what kind of rickety old incompetent god do these people worship that he'd send them back to the city that kicked their asses? "This time it's gonna stick!" so sayeth the Lord. Even the local cult knows better than to have anything to do with Kip. At least Jesus had enough self respect to say something about dust, feet and wiping. Anyone who'd have something to do with Kip at this point is a moron. It seems that Kip has to go to smaller and smaller towns to find someone dumb enough to believe his hype. I have no idea who this DJ guy is, but he is obviously the result of much barrel scraping.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kip's new "Empire City International Christian Church"... Wha?

I don't know how Kip came up with this idiotic name for his new NYC church planting. It sounds like a name some confused tourist picked up. And I love the pic of the douches that are now leading this new "movement" - DJ & Kacie!

DJ & Kacie pictured atop the Empire State Building!
DJ & Kacie pictured atop the Empire State Building!

BTW, DJ and Kacie want you to contact them...

Please, if you are interested, give Kacie and me a call at 740-334-2396 or email me at And to God be all the glory He wants and so deserves!

Mwah hah.
Just in time. Following the ICOC had gotten totally boring...

DJ's article

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Songs of Praise (with Subtitles)

This beautiful music makes me want to go back to church this Thanksgiving.