Wednesday, May 14, 2003

On April 28, Marty Wooten posted an article on tithing. Interesting in light of Sam Powell and others' "Tithe, or you're out" divide and conquer strategies of late. In case you're wondering, MW is against ICC-style 10% forced tithing.
Warning: Marty's a bit academic. It's a good article though. You'll see the article at the bottom of this page under April 28th. Also, check out the thread on ICC DF and you'll see some interesting responses.

Also, FYI, an update (as of 4/28/03) to those of you writing complaints to the New York State Attorney General's office (Eliot Spitzer). This is from the NYCOC/ICC Discussion Forum, which focuses on NYC church issues. Or tries to. If you're from NYC -- or not -- why don't you start a post or two... don't be shy.

To All,
I met with Todd Holt today of the State Attorney General Office. He has received a stack of the complaint forms. As of now, no official investigation is in the works. Currently, the SAG is reviewing and assessing all the documents submitted. Afterwards, they will make a determination if a thorough investigation is warrant. If an investigation is launched, they will not be able to reveal anything to the public until the investigation is closed with their office (this means that no information will be given via phone, letters, etc.). Once the investigation is closed, then all their findings will become public records for ANYONE to view.

Note: Mr. Holt needs documents of the financial spending for ACES and NYCCoC for the last year or so. Also, if anyone has any documents that actually records purchase of properties, and non-charitable spending, please submit it to him. This could be done anonymously. "Letters to NYS Attorney General"

Info for writing NY State Attorney General is repeated below.

If you want information on ACES or the NYCoC and they are not willing to share it, the State Attorney General wants to hear from you. You can fill out a form and fax it to them. Everything will be confidential. I was told by an aide at SAG that some members have contacted the office, but unfortunately have not filled out the necessary form. There are not enough people coming forward and filling out the form. Calling them is NOT enough.

You can fill out a Complaint/Inquiry Form or The Freedom of Information Law Request Form. Both of these forms are located at the web address below.

Forms are at
Web site

Filling out these forms does not mean someone will get into trouble. It will give you answers to unanswered questions.

New York State Office of the Attorney General
Eliot Spitzer
Charities Bureau
120 Broadway, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10271
212-416-8400 (phone)
212-416-8393 (fax)

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