Sunday, May 11, 2003

About article in Boston Globe and Kip's letter -- has been postponed til next Sunday. We got pushed back... for a Catholic Church article (?!!)


I just received this email from a friend who was interviewed by the Globe--"FYI, just talked to the Boston Globe reporter and the ICoC article will not run this Sunday because it was preempted by an article on the Catholic Church. Hopefully, the ICoC article will run next week.I'll notify you when I know for sure."

Sorry, I'm sure the suspense is killing a lot of you. I actually think this is better, as I know the reporter is getting a ton of information and this will give her more time to process it. Perhaps Kip will make his move or his letter will surface before the newspaper article comes out. "Extra! Extra! Kip's Comeback"

from Keith Bonner (an ICC member)

Hello All!
FYI The supposed BG article has been postponed, and more info. is being gathered before it is published. Still no concrete evidence of Kip's letter. I must admit that the ICC forum has been very informative, although the bulk of the info. should be no surprise to anyone who has been around for awhile. Still, be careful with the info. There is so much of it that is speculation. If there is no back up, ie, published confirmed letters, direct source instead of secondary, tertiary, etc., I would wait for something solid. I am concerned about Harlem and the Bronx. Their ignorance will truly hurt them. Still, if we are not strong, we cannot help anyone else. I have been focusing on my relationship with God, digging deeper into my Bible, and trying to encourage others to do the same. If we all stick together, and put God first, none of this madness will affect us one way or another. It's the body of Christ that I am in love with, not the organization. With or without the church's cooperation, we will follow God's format, and they will just have to look for some other suckers to pay their salaries. God will hook us up. He always has. Let's keep our eyes and ears open.
Take Care!

Yes, the writer got MUCH more than she bargained for. I know of another major publication writing an article about the ICC, that was also pushed back.

...Anyway, the reporter reports being happy about this because unbeknownst to her, she got way more than she bargained for and is now chasing down leads on latest developments. Its supposed to be out next Sunday. "Where is the article"

ICC DF: Extra! Extra! Kip's Comeback

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