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An example of current ICC leadership tactics to deal with "dissidents" (deceit, divide/conquer, labeling, theatrics, etc.): Sam Powell et al in the Bronx, NYC

First after meeting with some of the concerned vocal members, Sam Powell deceived them that he was open to meeting with these members and discuss the issues if they first provided an agenda for the meeting. The members of the "group" (the term used by the leaders to describe them) complied and furnished the agenda to the Bronx staff and the meeting was set for Friday May 2 at 7:30PM.
In reality the meeting was a set up by Sam Powell and Marcos Mercado to identify who were the dissident members and how many there might be.

The meeting was conducted in a small classroom rather than the auditorium. This was to gain a tactical advantage over the "group" members. Sam Powell and the Bronx Staff agreed that both sides of the issues would be allowed to bring support people to the meeting. Sam and Company brought a cadre of loyalist hecklers to the meeting. Two former members who had been in the Bronx for many years also came to support members of the "group" at their invitation since one of the agenda topics was to deal with ex-members.

Upon seeing the ex-members Sam and Marcos immediately went into conference and after a few minutes. They called one of them into the hallway any ask him to leave stating that this was a private meeting between the BX staff and the Men of the NYCCOC. The ex-members are currently members of the Manhattan Church of Christ. The ex-member told Sam that he had been invited by a current member as an observer and not as a participant. Nevertheless, Sam and Marcos ejected both members from the meeting. Next to be ejected were the women members until these men had the complete upper hand in the meeting.

Needless to say none of the issues were allow to be discussed. Sam refused to answer any questions that were on the agreed to agenda. The loyalist faction stirred up so much discontent that a fistfight nearly broke out bet a Brother (Curtis Escalera) and Marcos the South BX Evangelist. The meeting ended with only the reformers being identified or "trouble Makers" as the leadership has labeled them.

The next day Sat May 3rd, the Bronx Staff and the loyalist faction met in the Bronx for a barbeque at a loyalist's (who's initials are KF) home. Steve J and Sam and some of the BX staff got together an informal D-group and had a Powwow to discuss tactic's to contain and eradicate the "group". The coward Steve offered up his opinions to Sam his co-worker in destruction.

Sunday May 4th, as discussed by others the "final Solution" was put into play. Marcos Mercado stood with Lehman security and identified to them members of the "group" to be watched as "trouble makers" who were to be ejected from the service if they attempted to disrupt it.

In his opening remarks Marcos warned the audience that no interruption of the service would be tolerated by the Lehman security and that charges of disorderly conduct would be leveled against anyone who did. He stated that this was not initiated by the Bronx staff but by the Lehman security. This was a complete and utter lie by Marcos! Marcos informed the Lehman security and instructed them to to take action not the other way around. In fact when a Brother and his wife walked onto the stage to speak without permission. It was Sam who sprinted to the rear of the auditorium to get security and have them removed. When the brother who ran up to the front at yelled at Sam "Sam your a crook and a liar" during Sam's tirade of a message. It was Marcos who pleaded with security to have them removed, arrested and charged. Marcos's request was denied and the security told him that they only could remove him from the service. Sam then proceeded to use the pulpit to attack a brother of trying to destroy the Spanish Ministry and also drew the line of either support the leaders or get out. He attack the brother because he had made available the Henry Krite letter available translated in Spanish and preached a message that was Godly. He was attacked for speaking the truth!

The purge has begun. Sam Powell after preaching his get out message and calling on the membership to achieve unity by idenitfiying and asking anyone who was not with "us" to leave, then proceeded to remove the "trouble makers from the membership". Andre Cooper and his wife were the ones who shouted to Sam at the service who Marcos attempted to get arrested was told by Sam that he was no longer a member of the church and therefore not welcome here. Marcos Mercado waited for Curtis Escalera to arrive at midweek with security guard at his side. Upon seeing Curtis he told the guard "that's one of the trouble makers don't let him in" He then block his path and told him "your not welcome here" " your are a part of the group". He also asked him if he had gone to meet with a particular Brother. Curtis responded "since when is it a crime to spend some time with my Brother in Christ?". The Brother who Curtis was asked about is a primary vocalist for reform and repentance. Curtis was shocked by all of this because had thought everything had been resolved on Sunday between he and Marcos because they had both apologized to each other. Marcos nevertheless stated "Yeah I know we apologized but fifteen of the members have met and don't want you here", "Your not welcome here". Upon hearing these words the security guard told Curtis with disbelief " I can't believe that guy is your Evangelist? "Is he suppose to be a man of God?" Sam also put out another Brother of long and faithful standing after being grilled and accused of being a "group" supporter.

All these removals are contrary to Matt 18. These men were not brought before the church or put out by the church. They have done nothing but seek answers from the leadership and called for their repentance. The leaders have refused to answer any financial questions and have refused to allow the membership to remove them from power and chose new leaders as is there right. Sam continues to act in an ungodly, unbiblical way. He in fact by his actions is guilty of heresy because he has denied the Holy Spirit to lead the church. He is preaching another Gospel and is corrupting the weak minded Christians who remain to attack their own brothers. He has preached the (false) Gospel in order to receive monetary gain. He is guilty of dividing the church to remain in power and has caused many hundreds of the flock to stray away from the church. The entire NYCCOC is fractured and is in a complete shambles because of his leadership.

Yesterday, in order to consolidate his power base he asked Will Pena to resign his position as Evangelist because he was sympathetic to some of the "group " members. Will was forced to say it was because of other reasons because he was treatened.

On the horizon in the Bronx. Mike Patterson will announce his resignation from the Bronx Staff within the next two weeks. He will be moving to Florida to wrk in the private sector. His wife already has gotten a job. I don't know what reason that he will give but I speculate that his wife was nearly at a point of having a nervous breakdown because of the high levels of pressure they have been feeling from the negative reactions of the membership and for other family issues. Look for Sam and Marcos to recruit a replacement to take Mike's place because you can't have two bad cops and not one good cop. It will probably be a blast from the past leader with former Bronx glory who was highly respected and loved. I have an idea who it is but it has not been confirmed. Most Probabaly Frank Davis or some one like him. A very attractive package has been offered so lets see who bites! Look for more "group" members to be approached by the leaders and their loyal leg breakers to be put out of the church for knowing too much and asking the wrong questions.

Bronx members rise up against these slavemasters. Don't leave unless you want to leave! Don't let these Ministers of Satan put you out. They do not have the power to remove you! They are only using fear and lies against you just like Satan does. Don't be intimidated! Don't give your money until you know where it has gone! The time of victory is coming and these men will be brought down! They will be disgraced before all to see for their actions. "Bronx Ministers of Evil are in control!"

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