Monday, May 12, 2003

I don't know how I missed this... Letter on Chuck & Kip's relationship.

Below is an email sent to me in April: (anonymous source, but a very knowledgeable anonymous source, and a very trustworthy anonymous know who you are if you want to step forward....)

"Kip McKean was actually one of the people who engaged in homosexual activity with Chuck Lucas in Gainesville in the 70's. I believe this information needs to come out, in light of the fact that Kip has so rigorously demanded openness of others for so many years, and in light of the fact that, through slander and other methods, he has damaged the lives and reputation of so many men better than himself. I also know that Kip is trying to rally some leaders to his support in an attempt at some kind of comeback.

Again, the double standards that McKean has allowed to exist for so long must be exposed, so that further similar abuses may not happen in the future.
Right at this point, I can tell you that besides Sam, a number of the former WSL's are now also aware of the nature of Kip's relationship with Chuck, and that this information has played a part in Kip's current downfall/resignation.

Sam played a part in this information coming to the WSL's attention, as well Sam knows all the details, as he made many calls to leaders after Chuck was terminated in 1985 to find out "what they knew" about who was involved. Chuck had homosexual encounters as a young man in Miami, even before he came to Gainesville. When he came to Gainesville, the elders knew about his history in Miami, but believed his repentence.

But throughout his time in Gainesville, Chuck was involved in encounters with a number of men, some of whom were Tom Bogle, Adrian Carr, Andy Lindo, Bruce Simer, and Kip McKean. Bogle is still in the movement. Carr, Lindo, and Simer are not. Bogle later took his own liberties with some of his disciples while he was a campus minister in Huntsville, Alabama. Sam got Kip to confess to the WSL's, and
this played a part in Kip's recent downfall. Adrian Carr was a masseur, he brought people to his massage parlor where sexual contact occurred, women worked there also, so both genders were involved in this one.

I'm not concerned about the other men mentioned above, but Kip McKean is a different story. You asked why I thought it needed to be made public. Well, what does it say if it is not made public? To me, it says that the pattern of deceit and duplicity that has predominated ICC leadership is still continuing. Kip McKean has been THE leader of the movement. He has ridiculed and slandered many men (both member and ex-member) in an attempt to discredit them. Thousands have had their faith and relationships broken by this man who has preached "total openness".

I believe these people have a right to know "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" about Kip. I consider myself a Christian, and although this whole business is very sordid and I take no relish in even talking about it, I really believe God wants the truth to come out. My only conflict at this time is about the way it should come out. I contacted you because I believe that if Sam is truly a man of honor and conscience, he should be the one to bring this out. Of course, the most ideal situation would be for Chuck or Kip to actually be the one to bring this out, as neither has ever been publicly open (Chuck not even with his own congregation), but I believe that realistically there's a snowball-in-hell's chance of that ever happening." "Extra! Extra! Kip's Comeback"

ICC DF: "Chuck Lucas' Homosexual Partners"
Reveal: "History Repeats Itself: The Rise and Fall of Kip McKean & Chuck Lucas"
Reveal: "Responding to the Boston Movement / International Churches of Christ by Rick Bauer" (RB, a former leader, published about his experience including Chuck Lucas' homosexual affairs)
TOLC: Sue Condon's Diary (SC, a former leader, published her experience with Kip's "discipling")

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Anonymous A. Peon said...

Well, um, "Christ." I find this because I was mildly surprised (pleasantly?) to find some shirts made in Kenya at Wal-Mart, and figured I'd look into the background and how much the 'economic development' is helping or hurting over there.

Apparently the labor is being trained by 'HOPE worldwide', and I figured I might as well mention the connection. Christian philosophy has both its pros and its cons (as does the concept of 'vocational training' in less-economically-privileged countries sponsored by corporations from foreign lands), but I'll just 'HOPE' the organization isn't teaching them to hate or proselytize to people like me - namely homo/bi/why-do-you-care-so-much-about-what-I-do-in-the-bedroom?-sexuals, and people who try to live ethically even if there might not be some eye-in-the-sky of our imagining keeping tabs on our virtues and flaws.

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