Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Those Clever NY Leaders
Rumors abounded that 7/22 Manhattan Midweek was going to be Sam's "You're Either In, or You're Out" of the Cult *cough* Church. Translation: Either you give us our Money ("tithe") or not. However, it turned out to be a rather anticlimactic night, according to this report.

Main message from the leaders: We're STILL in control, but we're going to "humble out" so you will still let us get our paychecks.

Seems like more people are refusing to buy this crap. (It took this long to see it? Better late than never.) However I personally know more than a few people, who are otherwise intelligent people, who refuse to give up, want to stay and "fight" these leaders.

Wanna fight? Leave and take out another piece of their already dwindling pie. Aren't you sick of them justifying their inflated paychecks? "Get it" already!!!

To All:
I attended my last mid-week last night, and I am jubilant!! It was a very sleek presentation. A brother (Rolf S.) was brought in from another sector to make sure the singing was great. The key word was "appeal". All of the loyal gaurds were there. Jim Brown (famous for his heart to heart talks), Sam Powell (visibly swallowing his pride), Scott Davis (what does Queens have to do with Manhattan?), Robert Cario? (New Jersey?), Dale Porter (does this Sataten Island elder really believe what he's saying?), Steve Johnson (he did'nt sit with the other pharisees in their front row, place of honor), Norman Vulssshulte?(happy as a puppy now that his masters are home), and Paul Ramsey and John Bean (both visibly uncomfortable on stage, and ready to run at a moments notice of a revolt). These were the Southern gentlemen and their co-conspirators for the evening.
Sheridan began with an "appeal" to us to let them help us. He "believes" he is an evangelist. He feels pressure from people asking that he step in, and others telling him to stay away. He "feels" that God put him there to lead. He talked about the "rumors" regarding his taking over Manhattan as an evangelist and starting a secret service. He is in Jersey on Tuesday's and can only make it on Wednesdays. He feels that he should be involved with the transition groups. He is working with primetime and daytime. Elders and evangelists will be giving direction.
Dale Porter, the elder that no one knows, started out by asking "What went wrong? Where are we headed now?" He said "When men of authority are not held accountable, bad things happen. It's more dangerous when good men are not held accountable." He then rehashed the obvious, ie, elders were not leading, it was a one man show, yadda, yadda, yadda.He said that more elders will be appointed and that the congregation will hold them accountable. He suggested that although we consider discipling a bad word, "we need each other."
Sam started out by recanting some of what he said the last time he was there. The "I'm the elder for the Bronx" madness and such. His goal is to "promote unity and love". "The Bible needs to be our standard." He apologized for his offensive statements. He believes Sheridan can lead this group where it wants to go. We must do everything we do by the book. Give them a chance.........He needs to deal with his issues and his heart as in Matt 18.
John Bean had a prepared speech. He spoke about the finance group. Either he or Paul Ramsey (I've forgotten which) called them liars. Paul Ramsey (Dir. of Human Resources) said that the church office is not corrupt or negligent. He feels that all of their administrators are "men of integrity". He said that we should not believe the rumors.
Sam then gave kudos to Norman Vulssshulte saying that "He stood in the trenches, while a lot of people have left", referring to former leaders and evangelists. Sheridan then shared something from Ephesians 14, and announced that Sam Powell and Steve Kinnard would be there next Tuesday.
I could comment, but I think you get the gist of things. In a nice way, they took over. As I said at the beginning, that was my last service, and therefore, I can't say that I have much more to say about them. I will focus on putting this behind me, and helping others to heal, so you probably will not hear much from me. Thank you all for your input, and may God grant you whatever you are looking for. "Manhattan Rocks!"

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