Tuesday, June 24, 2003

"Please, anyone got a barf bag!!!!!" --Barnabus, USA / ICC DF

Kip's now with the Portland OR church.

This news is a week or so old -- but what drama is next? Here is the beginning commentary on what he preached. See ICCDF thread (URL below) for further commentary.

Okay, Kip finally preached.
Here are a few bits of info

He still calls it the "Modern Day Movement"

He says churches need "Lead Evangelists"
(Says that Boston does not have a lead evangelist, guess he considers his brother Randy a wuss) (Mentioned that Sam Laing left North Carolina because he could not be the Lead Evangelist there anymore and went to Athens, GA to be the Senior minister)

He states that Portland is a microcosm of the shambles that the "Modern Day Movement" is in thoughout the world

He said that all the evangelists in Indian came back to US and had to start all over again because they lost their support (boo hoo)

Please, anyone got a barf bag!!!!! Its the same ol same ol.

P.S. I believe that he is eyeing a brown A-frame house on Parkview. Wants to simplify his life style. Can anyone confirm this? :P

http://forums.delphiforums.com/ICCdiscussion/messages?msg=7079.1 "Kip McKean preached last night"

ICC DF: Kip McKean To Portland - A Done Deal

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