Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The minutes of the June 1, 2003 meeting of the Rockland County (New York Church of Christ) Transition Team is now available.

Also, Groundhogfly in ICC DF has started a thread about initiating a class action lawsuit against the ICC. Contact him at or enter the discussion at the link.

For years the ICC has been collecting our money for "missions" contributions, and even coercing us to give. Yet a great deal of those monies have NOT been spent on missions.

Further, the church that earlier bragged that the books are open to members at all times has now taken away that right.

I am proposing a class action lawsuit to the following effects:

1. Show us the money. A full accounting of the books from every church, every world sector, KNN, HOPE, DPI, etc.

2. All that money you collected for "missions", but didn't spend on missions, I'd like to have that back, thank you very much.

Nobody would get rich off such a suit, but that's not the point. With the awards, we could:

A. Pay some of the debts we accrued while we were foolishly making the "OTC" our financial priority. Or,

B. Practice, for a change, the Christian principle of helping the poor. Or,

C. Or support real evangelists who actually teach the real gospel, without any of the trappings of institutional "church" to oppress those to whom they preach.

And such an action would get the attention of District Attorneys everywhere, as it would uncover a great deal of fraud and embezzlement. It would also break the bank of ICC, and expose the thugs who run it, so that their minions could have another chance to see straight (though the Bible affords such an opportunity as it is.)

(For those of you who are thinking it's ungodly for a Christian to sue another Christian, I agree with you. And if I held that the ICC organization was from God, I wouldn't be espousing such an action. If they were from God, we'd have seen the books already.)

Anyone else interested in joining such an action?

It has been brought to my attention that some may not wish to discuss this on the forum. Any who are interested can contact me privately at "GROUNDHOGFLY / Class Action Lawsuit"

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