Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Hilariously true thread... Share YOUR favorite leadership hypocrisy story!

I felt an urge to post a story related to me about the hypocricy of some ICC leaders. I thought about posting this in another folder, then I decided to start my own thread so folks can add/comment and also to make it easier for leaders who chronically lurk, reading here to more easily see the stupidity of their ways.
Here goes my story:

A friend told me that when she and her husband were on staff in a particular region of LA sometime ago, they went on a retreat of sorts to a beutiful hotel. Being low on the totem pole, they unpresumptuously checked-into a small, simple non smoking room on the ground floor. The wife almost cried when springs from the furniture poked her as she sat down. Informing the hotel staff, they were thrilled when the hotel manager apologized and led them to where "the other ICC guests were staying." This couple's jaws hit the floor when lo and behold leaders like Kip, Al, Johnathan Perkins, etc., were staying top floor suites, and were collectively enjoying their own little cocktail party, in their words, strolling from room to room fellowshipping one another.

I can also remember a time when I was waiting for our Region's administrator to finish making some notes in his journal at his appartment years ago. The Region leader called and I tried not to listen as this leader related how he had just had a meeting with Kip in Orange county, it was early afternoon, and he was too tired to drive the twenty miles home. He was therefore checking into a beach front hotel and would like the admin to fax some information to him as he wanted to relax and would return to the region tomorrow...

Sheesh... and they wonder why people won't tithe "no more?"

Sharpie. "Your Favorite Leadership Hypocricy Story"

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