Friday, March 16, 2007

How to become a cult leader

Thanks Splash90 for the link...


This video is AMAZING. It's like an old bad cheap 60s 'educational' film -- and it's hilarious. (after the one slightly gross part at the beginning).

There were soooo many parts of this video that were JUST like my experiences in the ICOC. Anybody who doubts that the ICOC is a cult just needs to watch this. If this doesn't convince them/you - nothing will!!!!

Video: How To Become A Cult Leader - A Real Video clip. Following the film’s expose of a fictional cult group called Emerge, it will vividly explain with relentlessly black humor how cults enslave and ensnare people through the most basic and the mundane of human existence.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite scary stuff I must say!...I would imagine that the same principles apply to any organisation that's attempting to get people to participate in it's activities. The Important issue though, is...are the organisations activities, motives etc harmful, negative, bad, evil etc etc.
I don't think that there is anything wrong with being committed, zealous etc, but it has to be your choice, this video show bad manipulation of a persons own God given will! I'm sorry to hear that you experienced such awful treatment by certain individuals in the ICOC. But surely you would agree that everybody in the ICOC is guilty of treating you that way? I hope that you heal up soon, life is too short to allow some turkey/s to ruin your life.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My best friend got involved in the ICOC over 15 years ago when she married a member. She distance herself from her family and friends. She passed away last Sunday of cancer at the age of 39. I'm am so sad and angry to think her last 10-15 years on earth she was living in a unhealthy and painful environment such what the ICOC obviously provides to its membership. Those people had no right to make her feel guilty or shameful of her past nor did they have the right to influence her to cut her family ties. If that isn't the definition of evil, I don't know what is. Shame on them. She is gone now. We will never know what she went through.

7:34 PM  
Blogger JP Detzner said...

I'm not sure what the church used to be like, because I've only been a memeber since 2009, but I have recently been looking around at the internet on all of these things that say it's a cult. Maybe it used to be, but certainly not now. I don't know what makes up a cult, but I don't believe the church is infallible, or that I would never leave it. I believe in the bible, and this church sticks to it to the point that I like it. If they stopped being biblical I'd leave right away. Secondly, no one has ever tried to make me feel guilty about my past, if that has ever been the case it's been because of my own fault. Usually what I feel is free from my past. All of these other things I see remind me either of a paranoid blogger, or a fake news article on a prady site such as uncyclopedia (which I recomend, it's quite hillarious). I would suggest that you guys become more open-minded yourselves before calling people a cult, it could be an enlightening experience

2:25 PM  

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