Sunday, May 21, 2006

The rich "relatives" paying Mckean kids' Harvard tuition

Posted by WildJen. The Stanbeck book description and review can be seen here.

As per another is a footnote from Foster Stanback's book INTO ALL NATIONS discussing who the "rich relatives" were......

Page 119 - footnote 21:

"The bill for the children's Ivy-League grooming ran into tens of thousands of dollars, which McKean solicited from wealthy members of the church. Although various individuals provided such support, some began to feel a considerable degree of cognitive dissonance at the idea of aiding McKean's children without giving equal consideration to other worthy candidates. In such cases McKean did not hesitate to challenge them to develop the conviction that helping his family was part of their God-given role. When his youngest son began struggling spiritually at his private school where he had no Christian friends, McKean solicited funds from a wealthy family to pay for a scholarship ($10,000 of a total of $16,000 tuition bill) so that another Christian teenager could attend the school as well. They boy's parents were asked to move an hour north to an affluent neighborhood in W. Los Angeles close to the school. The church hired the boy's mother as a ministry "intern" to help the family afford the increased living expenses. McKean regularly approached his wealthy patrons in the church for donations of thousands of dollars to cover tennis-related expenses, such as lessons, equipment, tournament fees, and travel costs. The children's Harvard tuition was pad for by a dot-com entrepreneur who struck it rich during the internet boom of the late 1990s."

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Anonymous Luciana said...

yes, that article regarding Tom Cruise seems to be a copie of ICOC's behavior!!!

we are lucky , !! we are no more blinded by this thing

2:04 PM  

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