Tuesday, December 19, 2006

OK, now Kip's MOVING to LA.

I agree ttk: "Time to pop the popcorn!"

per his sermon......leaving Steve in charge. Taking the Gonzalez(older and younger), DJ Comisford for now and then DJ will be going to NYC later in year. Taking Bordeleis(sp) and Underhills as shepherds.

Also sending teams to Brisbane and London in 2007.


Plus additional rumors on why Kip may have put Steve Johnson in charge of Portland.

just wondering....

I just read the DT letter and it refers to him without using his name..but being the only brother still with kipper. My personal opinion of sj is that he just went with kip to ease his conscience of the guilt. I know he was also really close to DA who just spoke against kipper. It makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes with him. Is DA trying to talk some sense into him? Is it now just a matter of job security? or does he still believe it 100% and will die with the kipster? It would be interesting to see how it played out if even he turned away.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Kip McKean is the focus of so many articles, especially in light of events since 2004. The new guard of the old churches (ie. Seattle, Phoenix, etc.) is perhaps more corrupt -- particularly in the category of church membership. For example, in the Seattle Church has touted exceptional growth since 1998 from "220 to 570" from one on-line source. Because growth statistics are critical to credibility in the church, they neglect to mention important facts about the "reconstruction of the church" when the new leadership arrived in 1998. The church at the time had a membership of nearly 500. The majority of the membership was removed from the "roll" for not being christians for infractions such as showing up to a midweek service a few minutes late. This reduced the membership to 220 for roughly 10 days time, while the new leaders met with each violator to determine their commitment level. Nearly 250 of these were then put back on the membership, bringing the total back to within 30 or so of the original number. This enabled the leadership to perpetuate the myth that the church had grown by leaps and bounds during the following 4 year period, when actual growth was just under 5%.

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