Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ah, right. Kip's new LA church.

Posted by Jim_P59. A call to protest ... but isn't that what Kip AKA I'm-the-Martin-Luther-King-of-Christianity, wants?

Finally de-lurking after GUEST-ing all these months, (BTW, I'm previously a member of the West Region---now out, thankfully...)

Just a thought...

In two days, Kip will be inaugurating his new...


at the [snipped - see post link for details]

Speaking as an ex-member, I think Kip's got a lot of balls coming back here---seeing how I and thousands of others spent over a decade in debt.


Well, this was SUPPOSEDLY to "evangelize the world", and instead it went for things like Kip's kids top-of-the-line education---

--- the most expensive private school k-thru-12 X 3 kids

--- 2 4-year tuitions at Harvard

---- 4-year tuition to Stanford.

---- private tennis lessons, and air travel to countless out-of-town tournaments.

All of that totals OVER $1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

But that was okay-----Kip said---to blow church donations on that, because Kip's kids were going to lead the movement in the next generation (although how their "ministry future" justified the ultra-expensive tennis obsession for all three kids, I've never understood).

But no... NOW, all three spoiled brats have left "the ministry", and no longer practice any religion of any kind.

Oh, and one just got knocked up, and had a shotgun wedding.

Well, that was money well spent... NOT!!!

The Book of Timothy renders an opinion on any person whose grown kids turn out this way---



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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am probably far from being able to understand what you (and a lot of others) have been going through under ICOC. I was baptized cca 6 years ago in one of the ex-Yugoslavian countries and have experienced some of those d-times, rebukes and discipleship lessons. Raising an argument really was not an option if you wanted to be in the ICOC = "being saved", as that was interpreted. Just wanted to say that I am really deeply thankfull to all who contributed for missons abroad, as that helped me to find what I lost with my sinfull life - relationship with God. I totally agree with the statement a lot of funds were spent on personal luxury. How much and where I do not know and I do not have the courage to point since I am not personaly acknowledged with those expences (except those few that have been repented off - and those were more than enough). Let the God judge about that. I feel sorry to hear Your anger (though it is understandable after giving so much) - not because I would not agree with You, but because it shows Your faith has been hurt along the way. The relationship with God (I sencirely hope You have not abandoned it)is so much more than sunday services and meeting with secluded group of people. May the Lord pour blessings upon You for Your devotion and bring the time of joy and peace into Your home and family. I wish You well.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you were hurt so much by the actions of this man, but to spread false rumors about his children (shotgun wedding and knocked up) makes you also in the wrong.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Caspian said...


This is the whole problem. People are brainwashed into thinking that ICOC is the only church that conducts evangelism, missions, etc. What other churches have you been to besides ICOC? I have been to roughly over 100 churches in my lifetime from ICOC, Southern Baptsit, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Epescipalean (I know I can't spell worth a darn), Methodist, Christian Church, Church of Christ, even attended a Jewish service etc. No one has the corner on the truth. However, Kip McKean apparently does! He is God's "teachers pet" so to speak and everyone better bow down and worship him! Sounds like Anti-Christ to me! I was in the movement for 3 years and at the end was a leader of a small disciple group or 4 to 5 people.
I have many friends that were and some that are still are part of the Oahu Church of Christ. However, as I dug deeper in the Bible it was laid in my heart the hepocracy and deception of the leadership of the church and the ICC. As I researched magazines, internet, books, etc I had amassed several thousand pages of testimony of former members, members who were physically and psychologically abused (several committed suicide) etc. Christian ministers world wide have derided this movement as movement based not on God or Jesus Christ but on a man! a man called Kip McKean!

After watching the hipocracy of the upper leadership who I once trusted, finally God laid it on my heart to make a decision. I prayed and made a decision to leave but before I did I had to share this with my friends in the ICC. They said I was defiant and sinning against God and them. I couldn't believe my ears. They were blinded by the leadership!

I wasn't perfect after I left the church. However I attended another church where I really saw the sincere love people had for me.
Today, I am hapilly maried with one two year old daughter and attend church regularly. We have several close christian friends who help us keep us on track. Not because they were assigned to us but because they are, this is a hard concept to believe I know, our friends.

ICC is not a new movement it is a wolf in sheeps clothes. Unbiblical insincerety and hipocracy are its foundation and it is a "House built on the Sand". I would rather attend a church that is growing slowly and people are sincere that abide by the Word of Truth than attend a church who'se congration of members are brainwashed and over half the members "fall away" later on. Remember keep your foundation in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible not in Kip McKean and the ICC, Portland COC, or whatever they call it now. He has bamboozled you once, don't let him do it again.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.


9:03 AM  
Anonymous Spartan300Alive said...

In reference to Kips' lengthy biohaza...I mean biography: , it truly is no surprise that he demands discipline, rules with an iron fist, is so harsh and is accustomed to moving around (I suspect that as the son of such a high ranking officer, it's likely he did; you tell me). It’s also no surprise, now that we know more about his personal history, why he feels it was worth it to disgrace Christ’s Church, rather pillage it to give his “descendants” every possible chance of continuing their heritage.
VIPER!!!!So many souls that he ravaged to get this it makes me want to cry (I probably will when I leave work).

Pray for the sheep in his flock, as well as those still reeling from years of abuse.

How come we never heard about this great ancestor of his? Maybe if we did, we would be clued into his quest to capture his destiny. We would have seen right through him.

How come we never heard about his being a student of his dad, a war admiral, because we would have been clued into his military and overly structured, harsh leanings. This man is a fraud. It is sickening and we need to pray incessantly for these little ones about to be ripped to pieces by him. God will make a way, but we do need to pray (rhyme not intended).

He loves hierarchy, structure and obedience. He is dangerous. He is utterly obsessed with the fame and lineage of his ancestor. He feels he has inherited the birthright of greatness. This isn't about Christ, it's about continuing what he believes he was destined for, Greatness. Jesus church is just a vehicle for this. That is why he is dangerous. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is right. He will never give up his quest for this so-called greatness.

But who cares about him. If after being warned by loving disciples of the Lord, he chose not to listen, that is between him and the Lord whom he will face one day. What I am concerned about is those that subject themselves to his rigid rule. According to Galatians those that forsake salvation by faith and allow themselves to be enslaved by any man can be lost to Satan for eternity.

All we can do is stand firm in the faith. Live by the truth. Make sure we take the plank out of our own eyes (especially me). Live and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that things are different. Pray that they are living the truth. That Jesus is the cornerstone of these congregations. Pray for people they impact. Pray for those in the church. God is the ultimate judge. He used imperfect, flawed systems before (in this case a terminally flawed system) and he undoubtedly will again somehow (“In ALL things God works for the good of those that love Him.” I came out of a legalistic, works centered religion and was able to at least be exposed and have a chance to live the truth (that is, learn and live the bible). GOD is good, even when we aren’t (cliché, but c’mon friends, you know it’s true).

7:29 PM  
Blogger Cryptoreformer said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It breaks my heart to hear that a deceiver like Kip is getting s second or third chance to deceive the Body of Christ. You got to admit that Kip has cajones, but that is about all. He offers warmed over mainline Church of Christ doctrine with a little gravy of discipling, authoritarianism and spiritual abuse.

I left the Church of Christ in 1971, and I thank God every day that I did that. They did enough spiritual damage to me, and I felt for years, like many of you, that I was spirtually raped. It took me years of healing and a lot of seminary studies to get over the lies of the Restoration Movement and get to the meat of the Gospel: Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

A brother in Christ

6:50 PM  

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