Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Special Missions a Scam: Straight from the Horse's mouth

From WildJen on ICCDF.

Here it is, folks, straight from the horse's mouth. Andy Fleming, current administrator of Middle East World Sector, and member of the board of other ICOC corporations, admits that SMC funds in the past were considered "unrestricted" funds (although they were advertised as being for the specific purpose of missions). Fleming says that as much as 50% was funneled off to meet LOCAL administrative overhead in US Churches.

"The Middle East World Sector has provided financial information from 1995 forward and subsequently Andy Fleming, who currently oversees those funds, came and met with the Board to respond to our questions. In the course of reviewing this financial information and meeting with Andy we learned that between 1995 and 2002 monies sent to the Middle East World Sector were "Unrestricted" and only 50-55% was actually directly supporting foreign missions. In a letter from Andy to the San Diego Church of Christ dated October 29, 2005 he explains how the funds were used."

More analysis to follow. See his admission letter, along with documentation here.


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