Monday, October 20, 2003

Fall of the Paris Church

They've officially shut their doors...

[ So Paris church of Christ is gone too? Sounds like ICOC is crumbling in many countries. ]

Yes. Sorry for the short, apocalyptic sentence.

It was the first thought I had when I got back from the association meeting, I had some tears also because I was hoping for that to happend since 6 months (the HK letter). It's symbolic for us and the dissolution might help christians to "turn the page" (it's a french expression, hope you understand).

Yesterday, we vote the dissolution of the Paris Church of Christ (PCC). For more details :

We used to be about 550 members but only 100 members were here to vote, most of the others were to much hurt about what happend in the PCC.
Between the 100 members, 66% vote YES, 34% vote NO for the dissolution.
But if you take in account the hundreds who left the church services, you imagine that it's not 66% but around 90% that don't want to here about the PCC anymore (but the most still want to love God).

In Paris, things happend very sadly, very bad. Since HK letter, evangelists tried to express their sorry and compassion but it did not reach the heart of the christians. There were so less expression of deep sorrows and compassion from the staff that some disciples decide to handle the direction of the church, leaded by an ex-evangelist who was fast to understand what happend, and call evangelistes to repent. But other mature brothers tried to stop him affraid of a new Kip McKean with his standard of repentance. Satan worked a lot in this mess, a lot of bad thoughts one to each other and a explosion happend. 2/3 of the christians didn't want to come anymore, disgusedt with how the things where going on. Christians were giving less and less for the contribution, we had to fire all the evangelist one by one but it looks like more a hunt than a lay off, truely saying. Finaly, the main evangelists left Paris to return to their cities where they used to live, or always wanted to live. It looks like thief going away with our contributions or asking for politicum asylum, living the PCC association with debt (hopefully the boston christians gave contribution to help us, thank you ! a letter should come from Paris to tell you). We don't know where to begin, where to go, what to think.

Randy McKean sayed he was ready to come to express his heart only if we invite him. I think it's to soon for us to see boston leader to come.
We have been so much under hierarchical dominated authority. What about Boston (who planted the PCC), did leaders had true sorrows and compassion toward the christians ? are the most christians behind them ? is the church led by elders or evangelists ?

Everybody sinned and today, no leader had been able to show the best attitude to have in this situation here in Paris.

Forgive us God. Ghooosty "Paris Church of Christ"

News about the Dallas Leadership Conference

Better late than never! To be posted in the next day or so... Stay tuned.

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