Tuesday, September 02, 2003

MASS EXODUS FROM NYCOC: How many people have left the NY Church?

There's a new poll on NYCoC discussion asking your opinion on how many people have left the New York City church so far. Well over half the respondents have replied "Over 70%" or "50% to 70%."

Check out the poll and vote if you have any opinion on the "exodus" percentage, and back it up with a reply.

Other churches

This is also rather late, but the London church also sent out a scoffing reply to Kip's letter. Some of you probably already know about it, but check it out here.

Note: I've fixed the "ICOC Blogspots" links. You have to scroll down through the pages (easiest to do a "Ctrl-F" to find keywords), but at least you can locate the right archive. This will have to do until I figure out a better system.

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