Friday, January 16, 2004

ICOC Churches' Name Changes
Here are some posts about this issue, which you can validate if you know anyone in LA or Philadelphia. Not a huge surprise here, though, considering "ICOC" is supposedly not a legal entity anymore.

By Swordlady on the NYCOC forum
A friend of mine told me that one of the regions of the Philly church is planning a name change - from the "East region of the GPCC" to something a lot simpler: the Crossroads Christian Church, ot something like that. The members are going to vote on it. This is meant to reflect their dissociation from the ICOC name.

Posted on
It came to my attention on this forum this morning
that the ICOC name is no more the title of the Churches once associated
with the name as well as this website.

I also called a couple brothers in the LA church and they confirmed
that last night at midweek services this to be true.

I understand that the name was original put into place for legal
reasons, and realize that it is no way an issue of doctrine. But at the
sametime I do believe that this could be a stepping stone. Especially when
it comes to an autonomous existence for individual congregations with a
definite spirit of unity still bonding them together throughout the

I am of the believe that within the "mainline" Churches of Christ they
have took the idea of "autonomy" and to an extent have corrupted it to
a point of "independence"

Hopefully with the churches formerly known as the ICOC this does not
take place but rather they set forth an example of autonomous leadership,
but an unity of fellowship and conviction.

I would love to here if other disciples also heard of
this this past week at their services?

All feedback is always a good thing!!!

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