Saturday, September 17, 2005

Who's with who?

Who's with Kip? Who's with LA? Who cares?

ICOCNews created a map of various large churches' positions, according to these criteria: 1) Kip McKean 2) LA 3) Autonomous.

In any case, it's simpler to look at the Rejecters - here's an overview, based on letters from individual church web sites.

ANTI-Kip's call: LA, Boston, Seattle, Phoenix, Orlando, St. Louis, San Diego
ANTI-LA call to Unity: Atlanta, Vancouver, Orlando, St. Louis, San Diego
ANTI-both calls: Orlando, St. Louis, San Diego

If you have ideas on where your church or other churches stand, particularly New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Triangle, etc. feel free to comment. I also suggest looking under the ICC DF's "Current Leadership Writings" for posts on different cities' responses to these developments.

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Blogger laker1967 said...

I would like to know where we stand in Chicago? I have talked to many in the ministry in Chicago inside and outside the ICOC, but was told we would not be with LA or Portland. Yet, I see some of the names from Chicago on the LA Unity group.

I have now quit the Chicago ICOC because of this. What is being done in both LA and Portland is not biblical. The leadership somewhat can't give it's membership a straight answer to what is being done. The membership must have a say, since we are to be "non-denominational".

I do belive in time with Kip and some others in LA, that we will see them on network news about misfunds and tax evation.

10:39 AM  

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